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MIDC Bhosari

Architectural Services

Design Services Pune : It covers Design for Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Fire Protection, Process Engineering Building Information Modelling.

Architectural Services Architectural Services

  • Land Survey.
  • Detailing of Architectural Layout and Plan.
  • Verification of Statutory Requirements as per MIDC rules.
  • Development of Master Plan, based on finalized approved Concept.


Civil Contractor : It Includes Earth Work, Construction Work, Structural Work, Utility work for Process Plant.


  • Landscaping
  • Facade Design in accordance with the Aesthetic requirements.
  • Designing of Rain Water Harvesting System (From roof top & Surface).
  • Design of Building and Utilities in accordance with the GREEN BUILDING Requirements.
  • Design of the proposed Building, which includes footings, foundations, structure & roof
  • Designing of the Drainage systems (Storm Water drain, Effluent drain collection & treatment, Recirculation of treated water).
  • Designing of External Infrastructure such as Roads, Compound Walls, Security, Parking and any other as per the specific need.



  • Utility / Process Piping System.
  • Compressed Air System.
  • Fans for effective air circulation, as per the standards.
  • Water Distribution System.
  • Air Conditioning & Chilled Water System.
  • Pump House.
  • Sewage Treatment Plant.
  • Effluent Treatment Plant.
  • Gas (LPG/Propane) Storage & Distribution.
  • P & I Diagram, Isometric Drawings.
  • Fresh Air Ventilation System with latest GREEN Technologies like Evaporative Cooling, HVLS
    (High Volume, Low Speed).

Fire Protection

Fire Design : It covers Design for Fire Protection System.

Fire Contractor : It Includes Design, construction, installation, Commissioning and maintenance activities for Fire Protection system.

Fire Protection

  • Fire Pump House.
  • Fire Suppression system.
  • Fire Extinguisher system.
  • Hydraulic Flow Calculations.
  • Fire Detection & Alarm system.
  • Wet, Dry, Deluge Sprinkler System.
  • Internal & External Hydrant system.
  • Clean agent, FM-200, Co2 & Foam suppression system.



  • Precision AC.
  • Comfort AC.
  • Cassette AC.
  • VRV / VRF system.
  • Chiller Plant.
  • Data Center AC.
  • Ductable & Packaged AC.
  • Parking & Basement Ventilation.
  • Factory Ventilation with Environmental friendly GREEN concepts like Evaporative Cooling, HVLS Fans for effective air circulation, Exhaust system in accordance with the requirements of the shop floor, to maintain positive pressure in the work area.


Electrical Design : It covers Design for Electrical Installation (HT & LT)

Electrical Contractor : It Includes Design, construction, installation, Commissioning and maintenance activities for Electrical work (HT & LT)


  • 33KV, 22KV & 11KV LT Transmission Lines.
  • High Voltage Substation.
  • LT Distribution Network.
  • Standby power supply arrangement & Diesel Generating set.
  • Building Internal & External Electrification.
  • Illumination system.
  • Non conventional Energy system.
  • Network, LAN, WAN.
  • Energy Audits / Electrical Safety Audits.
  • Building Management system.
  • Energy efficient buildings as per GREEN BUILDING standards.